How to 48X Your Meditation Benefits in 4 Weeks With This Unique Path to Effortless Wellbeing

Millions of people squeeze a 20-minute meditation into their busy schedule, then hope they feel good the rest of the day. But once you learn this simple, easy way to be Mindful 24/7, you'll guarantee effortless peace, clarity and effectiveness around the clock—for the rest of your life.


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"Dan gave me early access to the course material. I knew it was going to be good, and that he would deliver nothing but excellence. But, even with that expectation, it went above and beyond. If you want practical and sustainable strategies to bring more peace, calm, and happiness into your life – Dan is your guy."


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"Dan‘s Mindful 24/7 is a true gem. I‘ve seen my fair share of meditation and mindfulness programmes and helped hundreds of people with their meditation practice and I can only say Dan is delivering nothing but excellence. His teaching style is practical and down to earth. Only focused on your results instead of getting lost in dogma. If you‘re looking for a way to bring happiness, calm and joy into your life, Mindful 24/7 is for you."

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"Whenever I have spoken with Dan, I automatically came away from the conversation feeling revitalised. It made complete sense to go through his course just from the connection built. Dan's teaching comes from experiences all over the globe incorporating different cultures and beliefs to successfully hack the game of life. Mindfulness is the answer, and I am blessed that Dan guided me to this answer."

Your meditation goes well enough, but sooner or later that calm, reassuring feeling of wellbeing disappears...What do you have to do to make it stay?

  • You've tried different meditation techniques but you battle uncertainty and self-doubt over whether you're doing them correctly (or they can even work for you at all).

  • You've tried to be disciplined in your meditation practice but you can't find time in your busy life to make it work consistently (and you fear this will erase the progress you've made).

  • You've spent precious time and energy researching spirituality but you're lost in an infinite library of competing teachings and philosophies, each claiming to hold the ultimate truth..

  • You've hung out on spirituality forums and subreddits but they're more of a hindrance than a help. You're tired of the endless differing perspectives, which only add to your uncertainty.

  • You've had ups and downs in your meditation practice, but you can't figure out what makes the difference. You wish there was a single path to follow that guaranteed your lasting wellbeing.

  • You've started to feel disillusioned with worldly life, but you've yet to unlock the spiritual happiness that's supposed to fill the void.

  • You worry that true wellbeing might be impossible for you (and this casts a shadow over your entire practice)...

I know these challenges are significant. I know you've felt lost. But don't worry friend—I've been there, I got through it all, and I'm here to help you...

In 2014 I was broke, drunk and addicted to porn.

In 2017 I meditated 1000's of hours, saved my mother from suicide, and received teaching lineage to the Buddha.

In 2023 I married a hot neuropsychologist, transformed 100's of lives, and people demand I take their money.

Here's my story (and the secret I learned from the inner circle of monks that'll make your own transformation effortless)...

In 2014 I was wasting the little money I earned as a musician partying till 8AM. And when I got over my hangovers I couldn't sit still for 30 seconds.When I tried, it felt like my mind would attack me with images of embarrassing moments from my past, things I should've been doing instead in the present, and anxieties about the future. Also, my spine felt like it was on fire.After 13 years performing as a drummer, I was finally getting hired by award-winning artists. Yet, secretly, I knew in my heart I wouldn't be able to continue for long...

  • I felt I hadn't done enough in the past to look after myself

  • I felt whatever I achieved in the present was doomed to fall apart

  • I felt all the effort I'd put into building my future was for nothing

Feeling desperate, I took the opportunity for a holiday—the only one I'd taken since going self-employed in 2008.But it made no difference at all.I knew then I had to swallow my pride and find help. But I didn't know where to look.No-one in my life had ever shared similar struggles with me, and the phrase "mental health" back then was still only used for people in hospital. (Understanding has progressed a lot in 8 years.)Google was my only hope.After long nights searching through superstitious religious nonsense, I finally discovered the great philosopher, Alan Watts.Alan taught me that the Western way of seeing things wasn't the only way of seeing things (as I'd been taught).I spent 6 months listening to every recording of Alan's lectures I could find.But eventually I ran out of Alan's material.I felt like something had begun—an important shift in a wholesome direction. But now I'd hit a dead end.So I just started Alan's material again from the beginning. I was determined. And eventually I noticed a name Alan mentioned here and there: Ram Dass.I was already way outside my comfort zone, and this new guy was about as weird as I'd encountered...But still I was in immense pain—and now I was also confused. So still I needed help.Ram Dass taught me that there are many roads to true and lasting wellbeing.

  • You can sit solemnly and meditate for hours each day

  • You can sing and dance until you slip into a blissed-out trance

  • You can do needlework (yes, really)

I wanted the payoff, but none of these methods sounded like good options to me.I was still relying on guided meditations to fix me up for 20 minutes before I went and wrestled with the outside world.I wasn't satisfied.
"Why do I have to go to such lengths just to be okay?" I thought. "There must be another option."
I became obsessed. I neglected everything in my life to make time for investigating every wisdom teaching and teacher I could find...

  • My girlfriend thought I'd lost interest in her

  • My family felt I didn't love them any more

  • My friends ignored me at events

  • My phone stopped ringing for work

But I kept going. I had to know if true, lasting wellbeing and happiness was possible without becoming a monk.A year into my study, I started hearing that if I really wanted to figure this thing out I would need personal guidance from a teacher...So I went and got it.

My first teacher lived as a monk in Thailand for 8 years.But I almost didn't meet him at all.His teacher, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, famously got in trouble with the Thai government...In the 1960's, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa taught lessons to the public that were usually reserved for the inner circle of monks.The government didn't like that (because a happy population doesn't work so hard).So the teachings were driven back into secrecy...But then the internet happened!My teacher was sent out of the monastery to teach the inner-circle secrets online.That's where I met him, and began a training that would change my life several times over...He and I spoke for hundreds of hours.I practised every moment we weren't speaking.But I didn't always find that practice easy...Through many ups and downs, I gradually discovered the profound benefits of mindfulness:I made peace with all the embarrassing moments in my past.I 10x'd my ability to focus on tasks.I gained a serene clarity in my decision-making.I experienced a stable happiness that didn't depend upon possessions or status.I felt more confident in all situations (dating, especially).I became more able to accept things as they were and stop resisting them.I grew in compassion, and naturally wished to help people more.I developed discernment—the ability to know what was right and what was wrong for me.I found myself to be more effective in everything I did—finally the effort I put into things was paying off.I finally felt free—like I had as a child before the grown-ups started forcing rules on me.But I didn't have to become a monk myself to achieve all this.And I'll share with you how I avoided it.But first, I have to tell you about a tragedy...

In 2017, my mother attempted suicide.I spoke with her every day for 6 months and taught her everything I'd been learning.Her transformation was profound. She rediscovered the joy in life and is deeply happy that she stuck around to be Grandmother to my two nephews.After that, my teacher told me I was ready to help more people—he gave me teaching lineage to the historical Buddha!But I didn't quite feel ready... I wanted to test my understanding.So I spent $21,139 on a formal study of personal development and educational theory.But that still wasn't enough for me.So I found a Tibetan teacher—Tempa Duktë Lama—from whom I received his pinnacle teaching.But even that wasn't enough for me!So I fell in love with a neuropsychologist.I compared notes with her and refined my teaching, stripping out everything that didn't survive the scrutiny of all four approaches to wellbeing.Finally, I knew I was ready. I started helping strangers on the internet and amazing results followed.

  • One student came off a 14-year course of antidepressants

  • One student found the courage to leave his toxic relationship

  • One student found harmony with her estranged husband

  • One student got over lifelong stage fright

  • One student learned to manage panic attacks

I also received hundreds of heartwarming reviews for my audio teachings on the Insight Timer app, which you can check out below.The evidence was clear. By testing my teaching against those four distinct approaches, I'd refined it into something profoundly beneficial—and I'd become able to share it effectively.But there's one vital secret that's the key to unlocking these amazing results...I created the Mindful 24/7 cohort course to deliver this secret to you as quickly and easily as possible—wherever you are, whatever your life is like.But it still requires a commitment from you: a commitment to look at things as they really are and re-examine all the ways you've been told they are.I want you to make that commitment whether you join me in this community or not. When you're done living in the world of assumptions, you're ready to read on...

The point of wisdom practice isn't to be well only while you're meditating or dancing or chanting (and maybe a little while after).The point is to be well everywhere, all the time.But most importantly, the peace, clarity and wellbeing promised by wisdom teachings is not something you must learn and develop! Rather, it's your natural condition!Therefore, all you must do is relax; stop obscuring your natural wellbeing with learned desires, judgements, interpretations, labels and descriptions.Many teachings give methods for achieving pleasant states in meditation.But states come and go.If you're interested in true, lasting wellbeing that's independent of things that come and go—if you want to smile at your loved ones from your deathbed—you need to do things differently...You need to be Mindful 24/7.But the only way to do this is to realize that the benefits promised by mindfulness teachings are your default mode.You do not have to whip yourself into shape in order to be okay. (When you think about that statement, it's a paradox!)The truth is, you're already enlightened—everyone is! You've just been trained to think you're not.And all you have to do is glimpse this truth once.That glimpse is the first thing I will give you inside this program. Once you know what you're looking for, all you need is one little peek. Realization is instant because what you're looking to realize is already and always the case!Then you'll just practice recognizing it more and more frequently in all your life's scenarios.I know this might sound crazy. It did to me the first time I heard it. But I'm here to show you that, actually, it's the social conditioning you were brainwashed into that's crazy.Don't you ever wonder why so many people are depressed or anxious (or both)?You were trained to accept that, but you don't have to—least of all regarding yourself.And when you remove the blockages to your own wellbeing, it starts to overflow to those around you.This is how I was able to put my own needs aside and save my mother's life. This is how I was able to help all the other people I've helped so far.

I feel a deep, consistent, unshakeable wellbeing in all circumstances—whether laying in bed or having my documents checked at the airport on a short transfer.I'm in a perfect marriage with my ideal woman. She's the best match I ever found by far, and we've never had a single argument. (Really.)I'm free to work as much as I want, when I want, on whatever I want. My finances have never been in better shape and my work has never had so much impact.I don't remember the last time I had a disagreement with anyone, and yet I get my way in interactions much more often.Best of all, I get to help good people like you make this transformation for yourself. And this is just the beginning of my mission to normalise wellbeing and happiness for 1 billion and 1 people.Scroll down to learn how I'm going to guide you and a community of like-minded truth-seekers to realize this heaven-on-earth.Or, if you have questions, check the FAQ section 👇

Overview & structure

Here's How We'll Get
Your Results

4 weeks to ultimate wellbeing


SUN Video Call: Introduction to Natural Wellbeing

Mon Video Lesson: Welcome & Course Overview

Tue Guided Practice: The Most Effective Mindfulness Instructions

Wed Assignment: Daily Practice + Journal Submission

Thu Assignment: Reflections on intro to Natural Wellbeing

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

No fucking around—the first thing you'll receive on this course is the most profound wisdom teaching ever transmitted. It's been called many things. I call it the introduction to natural wellbeing.If you're able to fully integrate this teaching on first encounter, you'll have no further need of guidance. But you'd be a rare individual indeed, because I've never heard of that happening.Everyone who hears this teaching has some degree of resistance or objection to it—due to decades of conditioning into the typical way of seeing things.So I'll spend the rest of week 1 learning where you're stuck so I can make recommendations that will get you unstuck.I'll also give a simple guided mindfulness practice, which you'll enjoy and journal on daily.Finally, I'll take your questions on a live call with the rest of the community. (This will be recorded and I'll take pre-submitted questions from those who can't attend).


Mon Text: How to Make Wellbeing Your Default Mode

Tue Guided Practice: Integrating Fundamentals

Wed Assignment: Mindfulness Hacking 1

Thu Assignment: IRL Submission 1

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

Next, you'll learn the fundamentals of the Mindful 24/7 approach. I'll take you deeper in understanding—🔸 The difference between meditation and mindfulness (and why the former is ultimately unnecessary)
🔸 The real benefit of mindfulness (and why it's worth dedicating yourself to)
🔸 The true nature of reality (and why everyone's faulty assumptions about it lead to depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction)
🔸 The predicament you're in as a 21st-century truth-seeker: why it's been so tough for you and how you can leverage your unprecedented advantages
I'll then give you another guided practice—this time integrating the fundamentals you've been reading about.Next, you'll set up the first in a series of practical "mindfulness hacks" to begin bridging the gaps in your practice—all toward the goal of relaxing into natural meditative stability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life.We'll also begin one of the most important parts of this course: I'll ask you to submit challenging real-life situations so that I can teach you how to use mindfulness to navigate them with ease.We'll again round the week off with live Q&A and review.


Mon Text: How to Enjoy, Enhance & Be Confident In Your Practice

Tue Guided Practices: Going Deeper; Walking (Secluded)

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 1

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 2, IRL Submission 2

Fri Video Call: Q&A, WEEKLY REVIEW

By now you'll have some momentum in the Mindful 24/7 way of doing things.I'll take you deeper by teaching you how to bring curiosity, ingenuity and experimentation into your practice.Then I'll hit you with some slant learning. Slant learning is the method of using different perspectives to challenge or support another. In this case, I'll summarize thousands of years of teachings on mindfulness from different cultures to give you more confidence in the way we're doing things together.I'll give another guided practice which will take you deeper in sitting, and another for taking your practice out on a walk.I'll also give the solutions to your submitted challenging life situations.You'll continue your daily practice but you might start to ease off on the journaling here—as long as I'm getting updates on the cool shit that's happening for you (and any challenges that arise).You'll increase the level on that mindfulness hack you set up, bringing more mindfulness to your daily life. And you'll submit another challenging life situation for us to review next week.We'll finish again with Q&A—it's vital we stay in touch so I can keep pointing you in the right direction.


Mon Text: How to Close The Gaps + My Most Advanced Technique

Tue Guided Practices: Advanced Technique, Walking (Public)

Wed Video Lesson: Mindfulness IRL Solutions 2

Thu Assignments: Mindfulness Hacking 3

Fri Video Call: How to be Mindful 24/7, Q&A, Celebration

By week 4 you'll be seeing the light at the end of this colourful tunnel.On Monday I'll explain two powerful techniques that can bring you all the way to round-the-clock mindfulness.Tuesday, I'll give a guided practice on my most advanced mindfulness technique, then you'll introduce even more stimuli to your practice as you take it out in public.I'll give the second round of solutions to your IRL problems, then you'll hit the 3rd and final level of mindfulness hacking.Finally, I'll give a presentation on how to bring together everything you've learned—and how to continue your practice once the course is over.I'll take any last questions, ask you some of my own, and then we'll celebrate your achievements! 🥂At this point you'll have all you need to realize that peace, clarity and happiness I'll have been banging on about for 4 weeks.You'll have made one of the most wholesome investments of time and energy you'll ever make. And, if you've understood even 1% of what's been presented, you'll be radiating mutual benefit like never before.Everyone in your life will be truly fortunate to have you around... And you'll be ready for anything.

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Ancient wisdom, modern methods

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Or I'll work with you till you get it—guaranteed.

The complete Mindful 24/7 package. No tiers. No gimmicks. Everything I have to teach for everyone in the community.

This course is the most complete presentation of my teaching I've ever created, and it got incredible results for the first group in April. Still, I'm offering a limited number of seats at a heavy discount.

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1 Introduction to Natural Wellbeing (Value: Priceless)

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BONUS: Weekly Voice Chats

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Unsure if This is For You?

Here's What You'll Get

The Benefits of Joining Mindful 24/7

  • Unshakeable confidence in your new method for making wellbeing your default mode 24/7—for the rest of your life.

  • Freedom and relief from the drudgery of discipline—your practice will no longer depend upon long, formal sits (because your whole life will be your meditation).

  • Crystal-clear clarity on the common truth to which all wisdom teachings point. No more doubt when you encounter a new perspective.

  • A welcoming community of like-minded, wholesome friends who share your positive nature, ready to uplift and encourage you every step of the way.

  • Unwavering trust in yourself to assess and refine your practice based on evidence, resulting in the empowerment to become your own guide.

  • Rock-solid courage to overcome your life's challenges—no matter how difficult they used to feel.

  • Genuine, lasting happiness, free from stress, anxiety, worry or guilt—without relying on fleeting moments of instant gratification to get you through life's troubles.

  • The certainty of consistent peak mental performance to apply to all areas of your life—health, work, family, friends and making your impact on the world.

After 22 years of teaching


kind words from students and listeners

Zero Risk, Ultimate Reward

My Guarantee
To You

be comfortable with your decision

If you—

  1. Attend the first live video call ("Introduction To Natural Wellbeing")

  2. Spend at least 10 hours per week studying and practising course material

  3. Give me honest feedback regarding your practice at least 2 times per week

  4. Attend all following live video coaching calls (or catch up on their recordings)

  5. Complete all assignments as written

  6. Engage with the community at least 5 times per week.

Then I am 100% confident that you will know exactly how to realise wellbeing as your default mode.Again, this course is not a race to the finish line. Rather, it's everything you need to reach that finish line in your own time.Should you meet the expectations above and somehow not gain the promised understanding, the first thing to do is reach out to me directly and ask for help.But if, after everything, it's just not clicking for you, I will give you free access to as many future cohorts as you need (regardless of future price increases).

NOTE: It's cool to go slow and take longer than 6 weeks to complete this course. You'll have lifetime access to the material and Discord server for support. But I only offer the future cohort guarantee to those who meet the expectations above.

I'm Here to Help

Two Ways
To Proceed

Trial and error vs. the direct path

It took me 6 years, $21,139, thousands of hours studying with teachers, a trip to Thailand and 29,366 hours of practice to figure out what I'm offering you in this course.But I did figure it out, and you can too.If you're not ready to join this community, I'm still right behind you.If you are ready, you're about to skip a lot of trial and error.

Option 1

The Winding Road

Experiment with what you've read on this page

Enjoy my free content on Twitter and Insight Timer

Send questions in the DM's and I'll
get back to you when I can

Try to stay motivated and remember you're not alone

Try to stay motivated and remember you're not

Option 2

The Direct Path

Get personal guidance on how to perfect your practice

Get 7 coaching calls, 6 guided practice audios, 6 course material videos and 18 course material texts

Get priority response in the private community chat

Get support from and build lifelong connections with a group of like-
minded co-learners on the same journey as you

Get support from and build lifelong connections
with a group of like-minded co-learners on the same journey as you

Join me in voice chat while I'm out walking for casual feedback

Join me in voice chat while I'm out walking for
casual feedback

Get all course material in a custom Notion dashboard with accountability tracking

Struggling Financially?


Free enrolment for one sincere practitioner

I'm committed to normalising happiness for 1 billion & 1 people.Some of those people won't be able to afford this course.If you're struggling financially—and you're sincere about committing to the process I outlined above—you may be eligible for free enrolment.DM me on Twitter to find out more.

Got Questions?

I've Got Answers

Be sure you're making the right decision

Q: I tried mindfulness before and it didn't work. How will this course be any different?A: You've stumbled upon one of the most common misunderstandings in the history of wisdom practices, Friend.The truth is, mindfulness never "works". It's not a cure. When it's used like a treatment—to fix something that's broken—the approach is faulty.Good news: you're not broken! And you never were. The thoughts and feelings you interpret to mean you're broken (and need fixing) are just empty, fleeting appearances.This is what I will train you to see in this course, and it will all become clear in our first video call.

Q: What's the difference between Mindful 24/7 and other mindfulness courses?
A: I studied formally with senior monks in both the Theravada and Vajrayana schools of Buddhism, during which I was given teaching lineage to the historical Buddha.I also completed a 4-year formal training in personal development and educational theory.Then I married a neuropsychologist and tested my understanding against her scientific scrutiny.The Mindful 24/7 cohort is the most complete representation of my teaching I've ever developed. If you find anything like it elsewhere, please let me know because I'll want to make friends with the teacher.

Q: I don't have time to meditate or do a lot of study. Is enrolling on this course a waste of money?
A: If you don't have time to meditate, this course is for you. I'm going to train you to enjoy the benefits of meditation without the costly time investment—wherever you are and whatever you're doing.If you want to keep up with the course schedule then the study involved is 10 hours per week minimum (for 6 weeks). However, the course material will be available to you forever, so if you wish to take it slow and study asynchronously that's all good. You'll have access to me for questions in the Discord chat forever.

Q: Do I have to have experience with mindfulness and/or meditation before I start?
A: No. Prior experience has pros and cons. For example, being able to sit quietly for 5 minutes without feeling restless is useful. But if you've grown attached to a particular method of formal meditation then it may be challenging to let go of.The teachings and methods presented in this course are complete; you're not expected to know anything in advance. Most importantly, ongoing Q&A is central to this course and will be available 7 days a week.

Q: I don't care about awakening or enlightenment or any of that spiritual stuff. Is this course still for me?
A: Yes. Science confirms again and again the benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing across the board. Whatever you're interested in, mindfulness will help you do it more easily and effectively.

Q: What exactly can I do with what I'll learn in this course?
A: You can be satisfied and at ease in all situations and settings. This enables:🔹 Better decision-making
🔹 Better conversations
🔹 Better productivity
🔹 Better friendships
🔹 Better creativity
🔹 Better exercise
🔹 Better learning
🔹 Better dates
🔹 Better sex
Mindfulness is a cheat code for life. If that sounds too good to be true, check out my audio teachings on Insight Timer and see for yourself.

Q: Can this course replace therapy?
A: No. Therapy is treatment, but this course is educational only. If you are suffering (or think you might be suffering) symptoms of mental disorder I strongly recommend you seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Q: Can this course be taken alongside therapy?
A: Yes, but it will be up to you and your therapist to assess its suitability.

Q: What happens if I don't get the results I'm looking for?
A: I'll help you until you do.Remember, the promise I make with this course is this:Once you've completed all the study and assignments you will know how to normalise wellbeing in your life. It's impossible to make any guarantee regarding how long full realization will actually take.Some practitioners hear these teachings and let go of all their stresses in a matter of weeks. But most take a slower, more gradual approach over several years. I'll be available to support you through your entire journey, no matter how long it takes.

Q: How long will this course be available at a discount?
A: Given the positive feedback I've received, it's highly likely that the discount rate will be available for the first cohort only.

Got a question that's not listed here? DM me on Twitter.

Let's Be Clear


everything you need to know

Spiritual guidance: (scroll down for business guidance)

  • I (Dan Goldfield) act only as a teacher. I do not provide psychological or medical treatment, nor do I provide therapy or counselling of any kind.

  • If you are suffering from symptoms of illness or disorder (or think you might be) I strongly recommend you seek treatment from a qualified professional. Your physical and mental health is, and will remain, entirely your responsibility.

  • The guarantee I give relating to all my offerings is educational only. I am guaranteeing acquisition of knowledge regarding how to proceed with the methods and practices taught. I cannot and do not guarantee any depth of understanding or realisation since this is highly individual. I do guarantee ongoing access to any course material and Discord server/s included in your package.

  • Your participation in any arrangement with me acts as your acknowledgment of the here-mentioned terms and conditions, the limitations on the scope of our interactions, and an agreement to bring no claim against me in the event of physical, mental or emotional grievance, neither during nor following my provision.

  • The guarantee I give specific to the Mindful 24/7 cohort course is as follows: if and when you complete the course requirements (listed below) you will have full knowledge of how to realize wellbeing in all circumstances. "Wellbeing" is here defined as "freedom from dissatisfaction". "Wellbeing," in the context of this guarantee, does not mean freedom from pain, injury, illness or disorder (though these things will likely become easier for you to avoid or mitigate). Rather, my guarantee is that you will learn that you may accept these things—and other circumstances—with grace, humility, dignity and a smile.

  • The course requirements are that you 1) attend the first live video call ("Introduction To Natural Wellbeing"); 2) spend at least 10 hours per week studying and practising course material; 3) give me honest feedback regarding your practice at least 2 times per week; 4) attend all live video coaching calls; 5) complete all assignments as written; 6) engage with the community at least 5 times per week.

  • Should you complete the above requirements and feel that you have not gained full knowledge of how to proceed with the methods and practices taught within the course, then you and I will either 1) have a conversation to see if I can guide you to clarity, or 2) move through the course material again with the next cohort—at no extra financial cost to you.

  • No services or products will be supplied prior to payment in full.

  • I make no guarantee of any refund. I reserve the right to refund at my discretion.

  • If you have any questions regarding what’s written here, either email dan [at] dangoldfield [dot] com, or ask your questions as a first priority during our next meeting.

Business guidance:

  • I (Dan Goldfield) act only as an educator. I do not provide financial advice of any kind.

  • The guarantee I give relating to all my offerings is educational only. I am guaranteeing acquisition of knowledge regarding how to proceed with the methods and practices taught.

  • I cannot and do not guarantee any amount of business revenue. Your results are entirely dependent on the work you put in, and remain your responsibility during and following our engagements.

  • Your participation in any arrangement with me acts as your acknowledgment of the here-mentioned terms and conditions, the limitations on the scope of our interactions, and an agreement to bring no claim against me in the event of physical, mental or emotional grievance, neither during nor following my provision.

  • No services or products will be supplied prior to payment in full.

  • I make no guarantee of any refund. I reserve the right to refund at my discretion.

  • If you have any questions regarding what’s written here, either email dan [at] dangoldfield [dot] com, or ask your questions as a first priority during our next meeting.


D. Goldfield


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